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  • Jacques B. Bouramia President
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The Vermont Testing & Consulting Group has been providing complete materials testing, and field inspections since April 07, 1997.

Our services include investigation, studies, reports, consultation, planning, design, research, preparations, specifications, and services during construction and operation.

The Vermont Testing & Consulting Group has an experienced staff of professional engineers, land surveyors, designers, technicians, which can manage and coordinate your entire engineering program, or assist you with any specific phase. The expertise of our people, our over 30 years of experience, and our extensive resources combine to provide you with quality assurance throughout your program.

We totally commit ourselves to completing your project efficiently, quickly, and economically.

Soil and Aggregate Testing

All ASTM & AASHTO Methods

Test ASTM No.
Sieve analysis of soil or aggregate C136
Material finer than No. 200 sieve by washing C117 & D6913
Hydrometer Analysis D422
Atterburg Limits
Liquid Limit of Soils D4318
Plastic Limit & Plasticity Index D4318
Moisture Density relationships of soils
Standard D698
Modified D1557
Hydraulic Conductivity of granular soils
Constant Head D2434
Falling Head Rigid Wall ---
Falling Head Shelby Tube ---
Flexi-Wall D5984
Specific Gravity
Fine Aggregate C128
Coarse Aggregate C127
Unit Weight and Voids in Aggregate C29
Soundness by Use of Magnesium Sulfate C88
Organic Impurities  
Fine Aggregate for Concrete C40
Clay Lumps & Friable Particles C142
Moisture Content of Aggregate C56
PH of Soils D4972
Flat and/or Elongated Pieces  
% Fracture D2488
Classification of Soils D2487
L.A. Abrasion
Large Size Coarse Aggregate C535
Small Size Coarse Aggregate C131
Field Density Testing of Soils
Non-Nuclear Method D7830 (Soil) or D7113 (Asphalt) / (AASHTO T343)

Other services are also available...

Scope of Services

Our services include engineering and design services for:

  • Engineering Feasibility Studies
  • Predesign Engineering Consultations
  • Foundation Structural Design
  • Corrective Designs and Investigations
  • Sedimentation Control Services
  • Surveying, Plotting and Mapping
  • Geotechnical Studies and Investigation
  • Groundwater Hydraulic
  • Watershed Analysis
  • Construction Materials Testing, Inspection and Research
  • Soil and Aggregate Testing
  • Concrete Control
  • Reinforced Masonry, Brick, Mortar, and Grout Testing
  • Bolt Tension Testing
  • Structural Steel and Welding Inspection
  • Fireproofing Testing
  • Field Density Testing (Soils, Asphalt)
  • Other Services are also Available…

Concrete / Mortar / Grout / Shotcrete

All ASTM & AASHTO Methods

Test ASTM No.
Compressive Strength C39 / C38M
Flexural Strength C78 / C78M

Other services are also available...

Structural Steel & Welds

All ASTM & AASHTO Methods

Test AWS No.
Column Plumbness, Bolt Torsion, Weld Sizes MT, UT, Other tests available... D1.1, D1.2/D1.2M, D1.3/D1.3M, D1.4/D1.4M, D1.5/D1.5M, D1.6/D1.6M, D1.7/D1.7M, D1.8/D1.8M, D1.9/D1.9M, D3.6M, and others...

Bituminous Concrete (Asphalt)

All ASTM & AASHTO Methods

Test ASTM No.
Maximum Specific Gravity D2041
Insoluble Residue D3042
Methylene Blue C837
Drain Down other tests available...

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